It’s common knowledge that loving your pets improves your health but it works both ways. Studies show that pet owners not only have lower blood pressure but are typically calmer and get more exercise than normal.

With dog’s ability to acquire cancer at roughly the same rate as humans, the ability to care for our pets to the best of our ability is our obligation. With all that they provide us, our pets' quality of life solely rests on our impending efforts.

We not only want to put out high-quality products but also want to be a part of the change in increasing the lives of dogs and cats for those who’ve made room in their homes, hearts and lives for feline or canine owners.

Cutie Ties donates a portion of all proceeds to the Magic Bullet Fund

One day, we came across the Magic Bullet Fund and read a story about one of the families in the program. After reading their introduction on themselves, their dog and how much they loved him, they spoke about how he was diagnosed with cancer. Learning the family was financially strained and unable to pay for treatment, our hearts absolutely broke. Not only does the pain of knowing your family member has cancer, but the contemplation of not being able to afford treatment, let alone alleviate their pain, is unimaginable and something that no one should have to go through.

Cutie Ties donates a portion of all sales to help the Magic Bullet Fund so we can do our part to help those that need help themselves - one dog bow tie or bowl at a time.

Since 2005, Magic Bullet Fund has been providing assistance to families that are unable to pay for treatment and the pet would not be able to have (or complete) treatment without assistance. As of December of 2019, Magic Bullet Fund has helped over 700 pets and their owners with funds paid directly to the clinics on the day of treatment and 100% of donations are allocated to pets’ health.

For any dog or cat with cancer, success is a miracle. We hope for a miracle for all pets but for the families Magic Bullet helps, the miracle is just being able to provide treatment and give their furry friends a chance to beat cancer.

We are proud to be able to help such an incredible organization. Learn more about The Magic Bullet Fund and join us in being the miracle for those in need.

Magic Bullet Fund