Living in a pet-loving culture, we’ve always believed that best friends come in all shapes, sizes, colors; even species. We found that friendship in Riley and wanted to pull no stops when it came to pampering her. There’s something to be said about the human-animal bond that’s astounding and after all, Riley is not only our friend but a part of our family as we know your extraordinary pets are kinfolk to you and yours.

One ordinary day while in the store, I spotted great bow ties that I thought Riley would look good in and we fell IN LOVE with her new look. Unfortunately, the bows began drooping within weeks and despite the charm they delivered, they lacked the quality and durability it takes to sustain every-day dog activities. That’s when Cutie Ties was born!

Our mission is to create high-quality products made to last without having to sacrifice spectacular colors and distinctive patterns to match any dog’s personality. At Cutie Ties, we set out to be a one-stop, bow tie shop. But the treats don’t stop there; our goal is to strengthen the bond between you and your pet by providing them with distinct merchandise that will set them apart from the rest; flaunting their true identity-and look good while doing it!

Every purchase helps a pet fight cancer. 

We donate a portion of all purchases to benefit the Magic Bullet Fund to provide financial assistance for families who can't afford the cost of treatment. Thank you for helping us help them!

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